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We search and mediate from all disciplines (m/f/d):

  • Physicians
  • Specialists
  • Senior doctors
  • Chief Physicians
  • Honorary doctors

  • We are open for speculative applications in all areas (m/f/d).
    As a professional partner for practices and clinics,
    we can quickly and reliably provide qualified medical personnel to all types of personnel.

    In our selection, we always pay attention to a complete documentation and obtaining references.


    Language level B2
    Medicine C1
    German Approval
    You have these prerequisites or are about to receive them, then you are our applicant (m/f/d).

    We also mediate:
    Practice takeovers, medical-technical personnel and nurses (m/f/d) within Germany, to and from Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Dubai.

    Does that sound interesting to you? In these countries, other requirements apply. For applicants (m/f/d) who want to work in Germany and meet the requirements, our service is free of charge!


at Medikus-Global,
medical services and medical staff
with more than 25 years of experience.

Our motto and goal is to ensure satisfied employees
and to bring together satisfied employers.

Our global support can
we promise you today.

You have successfully completed your studies
or will they do so soon?

You are an employer and run a practice
or run a clinic and are looking for
after very good suitable employees?

Have we aroused your interest,
then take without obligation
contact us.
We treat our contacts, of course
strictly confidential!