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We search and mediate from all disciplines (m/f/d):

We are open for speculative applications in all areas (m/f/d).
As a professional partner for practices and clinics,
we can quickly and reliably provide qualified medical personnel to all types of personnel.

In our selection, we always pay attention to a complete documentation and obtaining references.

Language level B2
Medicine C1
German Approval
You have these prerequisites or are about to receive them, then you are our applicant (m/f/d).

We also mediate:
Practice takeovers, medical-technical personnel and nurses (m/f/d) within Germany, to and from Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Dubai.

Does that sound interesting to you? In these countries, other requirements apply. For applicants (m/f/d) who want to work in Germany and meet the requirements, our service is free of charge!


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